Learn Electrical Safety Tips in Oakdale, CA to Protect Yourself and Your Family

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With numerous appliances, cords and light bulbs found all throughout the average home, it’s essential that you follow proper safety precautions to help keep you and your family safe.

Read through these electrical safety tips in Oakdale, CA with an eye toward keeping the safety of everyone in your home at the top of your mind.

Light bulbs

  • When it’s time to change out a light bulb, unplug the lamp or other light fixture first.
  • Light bulbs should always be screwed in firmly. If a bulb is screwed in too loosely, the lamp or other fixture may produce shorts or sparks.
  • When you replace a light bulb in a lamp or other fixture, ensure that the bulb is the correct wattage for the fixture in question. Using a wattage that is too high can cause the lamp or other light source to overheat.


  • Before you use any product with a cord, check the cord for cracks, frays or other problems.
  • Plug cords securely into outlets. If you test the cord after plugging it in and find that it can be removed easily, move the cord to an outlet that will allow the cord to fit more snugly.
  • If you want to adjust the positioning of a cord, use twist ties or tape to make the adjustment, not staples, nails or other metal objects. Similarly, don’t attempt to make any changes to a cord’s plug by removing the third prong or filing a prong to work in a specific outlet.
  • Extension cords should not be used as a permanent fix and should only be minimally relied upon.
  • To unplug a cord, remove the cord at the outlet instead of pulling elsewhere on the cord.


  • Adjust the placement of heat-producing items like computer monitors, televisions and clocks to arrange for a few inches of space to allow for effective cooling and air circulation. Be sure not to place items like curtains, clothes or toys over warm appliances.
  • Don’t use electrical appliances near sinks, pools, bathtubs or other sources of water.
  • Be sure that cords and any appliances not currently being used are kept away from young children or pets.


  • When using a ladder, chainsaw or other equipment outdoors, first take a close look around the nearby area to ensure the absence of power lines.
  • Avoid flying kites or using other toys near power lines.
  • Prune trees so that branches and leaves are not located near overhead power lines or power lines located in the direction of your house.
  • Don’t climb a fence located near an electrical substation.
  • Don’t go near a downed power line. Even if it looks fine, you are still risking your safety.

Now that you’ve taken proper precautions to ensure that you and your family are adhering to proper electrical safety tips in Oakdale, CA, you’ll want to hire an expert to perform the necessary work if you came across any required electrical services, repairs or installations.

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