The Services Offered by Government Electricians

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Being an electrician is a difficult job. It takes skill, dedication, and a degree to be able to provide electrician services that are going to be safe. A government electrician is a subset of electricians that can help you get your home or business up and running.

What Are Government Electrician Services?

A government electrician is an electrician that the government contracts to provide service to government and municipal buildings. They are different from a typical electrician because they are required to have security and safety clearance that may not be required for a typical electrician doing work in homes or businesses.

A government electrician can do all the same things as a typical electrician, the main difference is the security clearance many of them have. They can install wiring, circuit breakers, outlets, fans, lights and so much more in and around government offices and other government buildings. These professionals can also provide surge protection for these government buildings as well.

Government electricians often work specifically with government buildings and government contracts, they may not do any other type of work. They may only work for government institutions and may be on the payroll for those institutions only.  

Government Electrical Services California

If you live in the state of California, you may be able to work as a government-contracted electrician if you have a C-10 license. You do have to keep this certification up and have to ensure that you are doing what you should do to stay current with the requirements for that state. The average salary for a government electrician in California varies but is around $60,000 per year.

If you are planning on being a government electrician in California, you do have to have the C-10 licensing, and you also have to be certified. The C-10 license is a contractor license that you have to have before you can even put in a bid on a job that is going to be worth $500 or more. It is so important that you keep up your certifications and that you keep your licensure up as well so that you can continue to take out government contracts and so that you can continue to work for the government.

A government electrician is a very important person that does a great deal of important work to keep government and municipal buildings safe and secure.

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