Why Did My Outlet Stop Working?

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You rely on electricity to power appliances large and small, and an outlet in your home that suddenly stops working is always a major inconvenience. While many causes of dead outlets require simple solutions, others require some intervention on the part of an experienced electrician. Read on to learn why your outlet doesn’t work, as well as what you should do to fix the problem.

Tripped circuit breaker

If you’re asking yourself, “Why has my outlet stopped working?” one of the likely culprits is an overloaded electrical circuit. Outlets can short circuit or get overloaded, which can cause the circuit breaker to trip. If you suspect you’re dealing with a tripped circuit breaker, check other outlets nearby to see if they function. If they’re dead, too, your circuit breaker is likely tripped. If you want to flip the circuit breaker back on, make sure to unplug and examine all appliances before turning it back on. This should solve the problem of the dead outlet(s), but call your local electrician if it doesn’t.

Blown fuse

This is perhaps the easiest problem that you can fix yourself. How do you know if your outlet isn’t working due to a blown fuse? Start by checking the fuse box. Inspect your fuses (if they aren’t already labeled) and find one that has melted metal pieces or discolored glass. Unscrew it and replace it with a new fuse and your outlet should be functional once again.

Burnt-out outlet

Outlets can burn out over time due to strong electrical currents. When they get too strong, they can cause small fires in the wiring to the outlet. If this happens, it won’t be too long before the entire outlet is fried. If you suspect you have a burnt-out outlet at home, don’t hesitate to call a local electrician—burnt-out outlets are a major fire hazard, and they need to be fixed immediately by a professional who knows how to do so.

Loose connecting wires

Loose wiring may be why your outlet doesn’t work. A professional electrician will determine whether you’re dealing with loose wiring by first turning off the breaker switch. Then, they’ll remove the outlet’s front plate and the screws that anchor it into the wall. If the wires are loose, your electrician will reposition them and tighten the screws that hold them in place.

Defective outlet

While it’s uncommon for an outlet to be faulty or defective, it does happen. If you’ve gone through the steps above and still haven’t solved the problem, replacing the entire outlet should be your next option. It’s never a good idea to replace a faulty outlet yourself—always rely on professional electricians to make sure the job gets done right.

If you’re not a professional electrician, understanding why your outlet stopped working can be an unproductive guessing game. Rather than trying to diagnose and fix the problem yourself, which can be dangerous, call the expert electricians at Wilkinson Electric Inc. We’ll get to the root of the issue and get your outlets back in working order as quickly as possible.

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