Power Issues That Can Cause Air Conditioner Failure

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Life in the summer is simply unpleasant without a working air conditioner, and repairing or replacing your system can be a major expense. Unfortunately, electrical issues can cause them to malfunction or, worse yet, cause them to fail entirely. Here are some of the common electrical reasons for air conditioner failure and some power issue tips to help you know what you’re dealing with.

Power surge

Today’s air conditioning systems are high tech and high efficiency. In spite of all the benefits that come when you invest in a new air conditioner, there’s also a risk for a power surge. Power surges can be very devastating, resulting in complete failure of the entire system. A sudden spike in electricity can cause immediate problems inside your unit, but you might not actually notice the problems for several months. Gradually, the electrical issues will cause premature wear and tear to the internal components and can cause irreparable damage even if you have a relatively new unit.

One of the key power issue tips to remember for air conditioners is to invest in a surge protector. They detect changes in current, directing them to a grounding device rather than into the air conditioner or any other sensitive appliances.

Tripped circuit breakers

Noticing your air conditioner suddenly shutting down at unexpected times? You might have a tripped circuit breaker caused by a demanding blower fan in your air conditioner. Sometimes, the solution to this problem is simply swapping out your air filter. In more extreme cases, though, the cause of the problem might be a short in the motor or a problem with the circuit breaker panel itself.

Many HVAC contractors can handle cooling system problems, but they can’t work on electrical panels. When you suspect any problems with your air conditioner due to a circuit breaker issue, call your local electrician right away. Remember not to turn the circuit breaker back on, since its job is to protect your home or commercial building. You could risk a fire if you turn it back on yourself.

Poor connections

A working HVAC system requires tight electrical connections with no corrosion, and poor connections can cause your air conditioner to fail. If you’ve kept up on yearly maintenance for your air conditioner, you likely won’t ever have to deal with this problem. One of the most important power issue tips you’ll need to know is that you shouldn’t try to fix poor connections yourself—always rely on the professionals.

AC that constantly runs

Wondering why your air conditioner won’t turn off? The true cause of the issue may lie in the electronic controls that tell the system when to power on and off. Call a technician to diagnose and treat a constantly-running air conditioner, as the thermostat may be malfunctioning or the sensor may be knocked out of position.

No matter the reasons for your air conditioner failure, you should never try work on any type of electrical issue with your system. Going it alone can cause costly damage to your air conditioner, and it’s also a safety hazard. Instead, call Wilkinson Electric Inc. to troubleshoot the problem and get your system back up and running, quickly and safely.

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