Signs You Need to Invest in Electrical Rewiring for Your Building

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If you know you own an older building, there is a chance some of the infrastructure in that building could be (or soon become) outdated. It’s important for both safety and energy efficiency that you inspect your electrical systems and determine whether you need to make any upgrades.

Here are a few of the most common indicators that you need to perform commercial building rewiring at your business property:

  • Flickering lights: Have you noticed any of the lights flickering or dimming throughout the premises? This could be the sign of overloaded circuits, faulty wiring or faulty breakers, especially if it occurs in instances when other devices are being turned on (and thus drawing more amps from the circuit). If you’ve been experiencing frequent flickering or dimming, you should get your wiring checked out by an electrician as soon as possible.
  • Shocks: If you’ve ever received a shock from a power outlet or switch while using it, this indicates there’s something wrong, either with that outlet or switch or with your wiring. This is a major safety issue—you should have an electrician come to your property to resolve the problem as soon as possible. No one should ever be shocked while using a switch or outlet, and if this is happening with regularity, then it means you could be at risk of electrocution.
  • Problems with tripped breakers or blown fuses: One common sign something is wrong with your wiring is if you regularly have problems with tripped circuit breakers or blown fuses. This means the electrical circuit is not capable of handling the amount of electricity you need to use. This is particularly problematic in a commercial setting, where you need to be able to power your business operations. You might have outdated wiring, or wiring that’s simply worn out. In any case, make sure you get a professional out to the property as soon as possible to investigate the problem and determine whether you need to rewire.
  • Broken or damaged cables: Insulation cable is important for protecting your wires and preventing it from touching other conductors. It also prevents issues with electrical leakage, and prevents the elements from affecting the wiring. If you have any insulation cable that is damaged or broken, it is important to replace that damaged cable as soon as possible for safety reasons. If there is significant damage, it may be best to invest in electrical rewiring for your entire building.
  • Other issues at outlets or switches: If you notice buzzing sounds, charring around the exterior or lack of power entirely at outlets or switches, these are all signs of serious problems. Contact an electrician as soon as possible to have the problem repaired—a failure to take immediate action could result in dangerous conditions.

Interested in learning more about the benefits of rewiring a commercial building or home and when to do so? We encourage you to contact the experts at Wilkinson Electric Inc. today with any questions you have about your electrical issues.

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