Good Lighting and Your Landscape

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If you’re looking to upgrade your landscape, consider adding some lights. Proper lighting will help create a beautiful aesthetic for your front and back yards. Lanterns, string lights and spotlights are all perfect additions to almost any landscape. You could also customize your lighting options to make your landscape unlike any other.

Good lighting will help improve the appearance, safety and security of your landscape. Read on for more information on how to impact the landscaping at your Oakdale, CA home with good lighting.

Make your yard the perfect place to host parties

Everyone wants their yard to be beautiful. You might have achieved this by adding flowers, elegant patio furniture and other decorations to your Oakdale, CA landscape. But don’t you want people to be able to see your amazing landscape, no matter what time of day it is? Show off all the hard work you put into decorating your yard by investing in good lighting.

There are many ways lighting can transform your yard into the perfect place for hosting parties. Consider adding some string lights above your patio for a warm and comforting aesthetic. String lights could also be strung around trees, shrubs and gazebos to show off the landscaping work you’ve had done. If you want to invest in string lights, make sure they are waterproof. Consult a residential lighting professional for help finding the right lights.

Consider lighting up particular parts of your yard with a spotlight. You can have spotlights installed near the sides of trees or around certain decorations. Spotlights allow you to highlight the areas of your landscape that you’re particularly proud of. Spotlights also offer a great way to light up your backyard pool at night. One of the best things about spotlights is that they don’t take up much space and are quite inexpensive.

Lighting for safety

It’s important to think about safety and security when deciding on outdoor lighting options for your landscape. Consider motion detection lights, which will turn on if someone is skulking around your yard. Good lighting also gives intruders fewer places to hide.

If you have smaller pets, it’s good to have motion sensor lights, as they could warn you of any dangerous animals making their way into your yard. A motion sensor light will also scare off raccoons, possums and other animals trying to get into your garbage.

When you want to increase the safety of your property, have lights installed in your patio and throughout your yard. This will help prevent people from tripping or damaging decorations. It’s particularly important to install lights near any stairs on your patio to prevent trips and falls.

Try a cool color

If you want to do something different with your yard, consider having colored lights installed. Lights come in a variety of colors, with some of the most popular being blue, amber and white. Each color will give your landscape a certain aesthetic, so you might choose to have more than one installed.

Find some of the best outdoor lighting options for your landscape with the help of Wilkinson Electric Inc. in Oakdale, CA. Contact us today to learn more and schedule a consultation.

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