Maintaining Your Outdoor Lighting for Summer Nights

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When the days are longer and the weather’s warm, it’s nice to spend more time outdoors. But sometimes it’s just too hot to do that for very long during the day. So when the weather heats up in the summer months, oftentimes we end up enjoying the outdoors in the evening when it’s cooler. But that also means it’s dark, so to enjoy the evening to the fullest extent, it’s necessary to have outdoor lighting for summer nights in Oakdale, CA.

Perhaps you’re looking to illuminate the patio of your home. Or maybe you want to create ambiance for an outdoor dining space at a restaurant. There are many styles of outdoor lighting that may suit your space, and the best solution may end up being a combination of two or more different lighting styles. Here are some suggestions for outdoor lighting for summer nights in Oakdale, CA.

Lighting placement

In addition to the type of ambiance you want to create, you need to make sure there’s enough light in the right areas to keep everyone safe. Here are some essential areas for landscape lighting:

  • Entryway: The entry to any space needs to be properly lit to show everyone where to enter and exit the outdoor space. Make sure to properly light each door on the front, back and side entryways.
  • Paths: It’s important to light up the path where people will be walking at night. Not only is this essential for safety reasons to make sure nobody trips on an unseen obstacle, but it also creates an inviting visual that guides guests to the desired area. Low-level ground lights or individually lit pavers can be useful for this.
  • Stairs: Any steps, regardless of size or number, need to be properly lit for safety. This can be done on either the treads or the risers.
  • Deck and patio: The deck or patio area can be a tricky place for outdoor lighting. These are often open spaces with few options for light placement. While it’s possible to use overhead lighting, this isn’t always ideal for ambiance. Bistro lights are a good option, but this requires points on either side of the space to tie the lights or string them overhead. Another option is to try bouncing light off of a structure or wall for an indirect light; uplights can also achieve this effect if placed under a tree or umbrella.

Light maintenance

It’s also important to consider outdoor lighting maintenance in Oakdale, CA. For the safety and longevity of your outdoor lighting, make sure to choose the right bulbs in terms of wattage and hardware fittings. Also consider using waterproof receptacles and installing ground-fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) outlets for added protection.

If you’re looking for outdoor lighting maintenance or outdoor lighting for summer nights in Oakdale, CA, reach out to the team at Wilkinson Electric Inc. today. As specialists in all types of electrical repairs and installations since 2007, we have the experience to get the job done right the first time.

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