Why You Should Never Perform DIY Electrical Work

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Do-it-yourselfers get a lot of satisfaction out of tackling projects around the house instead of hiring a professional. While that may be fine for some things, electrical work is not one of them. Continue reading to learn about the cons of DIY electrical work in Oakdale, CA:

  • Personal and home safety: The top reason to hire a pro is to avoid harming yourself, your family or your home. Electrical work is dangerous and can result in nasty shocks. Furthermore, shoddy work can lead to devastating house fires if there’s a short circuit or any exposed wiring. You can rest easy knowing this won’t happen if you hire a pro.
  • Inspection failure: Any electrical work that requires a permit also requires an inspection after the project is complete. We often see DIY-ers fail these inspections, which means they need to hire a professional to redo the project from the beginning.
  • Legality: Failure to obtain a permit before starting some projects could result in major trouble. In addition to failing a future inspection, you could face hefty fines. Your electrician will obtain all proper permitting before the project begins, so you don’t have to worry about it.
  • Insurance concerns: Unless you want to void your homeowner’s insurance policy, don’t DIY electrical work in your home in Oakdale, CA. Since it’s such a fire hazard, insurance companies have the right to void any policy if homeowners perform their own electrical work.
  • Cost: It might sound cheaper to perform your own electrical work, but that’s often not the case! DIY electrical projects are often performed incorrectly and will necessitate expensive repairs down the road. Instead of paying for those repairs, just call a pro from the get-go.

Why choose Wilkinson Electric Inc.?

You can’t perform your own electrical work, but you also can’t just hire just any company to do it, either. These are a few reasons homeowners hire our team:

  • Licensed and insured: Hiring an unlicensed or uninsured electrician is just as bad as performing DIY work. That’s not an issue when you turn to Wilkinson Electric Inc. In addition to our decades of experience, we’re a fully licensed and insured company.
  • Wide range of services: There’s no reason to hire one company to make electrical repairs and another to perform inspections—we do it all! On top of performing all routine electrical work, we offer niche services, such as wiring home entertainment systems. If you have a special project in mind, just ask!
  • 24/7 availability: When you have an emergency, look no further than our team. We’re available around the clock to address any residential electrical emergencies. Whatever the issue might be, we’ll send someone out right away to solve it.

Whether you need someone to perform an inspection or wire your spa, hire Wilkinson Electric Inc. We guarantee you’ll be satisfied with the results, and our rates are lower than the cost to do DIY electrical work in Oakdale, CA. Give us a call today to get a quote for your residential electrical project.

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