Consider These Factors Before You Install Recessed Lighting

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Homeowners who are new to the world of recessed lighting fixtures are sure to have lots of questions. There are many factors to consider, such as the cost, safety and location of your installation. Here are a few things to keep in mind before committing to recessed fixtures, and remember to contact a local electrician in Oakdale, CA for professional input regarding your recessed lighting FAQs.

Pick a good location in your home

If you’re on the fence about installing recessed light fixtures, make sure they’re a good fit for the interior design of your home. Recessed lighting is great for low ceilings because fixtures that hang down would impede your ability to move around the living space. These lights are the number one choice among homeowners in Oakdale, CA who want to put a spotlight on artwork or need task lighting for their kitchen countertops.

However, recessed canisters aren’t suitable if you want to light up an entire room. They provide a narrow, focused beam of light that’s great for highlighting specific features, but won’t provide the broad coverage of traditional ceiling fixtures. It’s possible to illuminate a room with recessed lighting, but you’ll have to install a dozen or more canisters for adequate visibility.

Check for safety precautions

One downside to recessed ceiling fixtures is that they’re susceptible to overheating. The risk is mostly prevalent among older houses with excessive insulation. Canisters in the ceiling might come into direct contact with your attic’s insulation, which keeps heat trapped in the recessed light’s metal casing. In the worst cases, recessed canister fixtures might start a fire.

However, these lights are perfectly safe to use as long as you follow some safety precautions. When you pick out recessed lighting at the store, make sure it comes with a thermal sensor. This component detects the temperature inside metal casing and automatically shuts off the bulb if it gets too hot. Also, the packaging will indicate whether or not it’s safe for the recessed light to make direct contact with insulation. Some require a special box to avoid contact, but these are easy to find in Oakdale, CA.

Weigh the cost of materials

Recessed canister fixtures can house incandescent, LED and fluorescent light bulbs. All three are suitable choices, though many homeowners like LED bulbs because they produce less heat and are energy efficient, which saves you money in the long run. This type of light bulb is a tad more expensive than the other two, but decades of saving money on your energy bills far outweighs the one-time purchase.

Overall, the cost of recessed lighting is relatively cheap. Individual fixtures range from $5 to $30, but you can also buy them in sets. You’ll probably need more than one canister, so it’s best to go with the second option unless you’re just looking to replace a broken fixture.

Recessed ceiling lights are the perfect match for many homeowners in Oakdale, CA, but they often don’t know how to install them on their own. These light fixtures involve creating a whole in the drywall and piecing components together the right way. Schedule an installation with the technicians at Wilkinson Electric Inc. to get answers to your recessed lighting FAQs and enjoy all the lighting you want with none of the hassle.

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