Avoid These Common Issues in Landscape Lighting

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Outdoor lights are more difficult to install than you might think. There’s only one right way to do it, and many ways for it to go wrong. Homeowners who don’t have a firm grasp on how to set up wiring systems will damage light fixtures down the line with daisy chains and stripped wires. Those reasons and more are why you’re better off with a professional landscape lighting installation from an electrician in Oakdale, CA.

Daisy chains

The biggest rookie mistake in DIY outdoor projects is the daisy chain wiring method. A daisy chain is when all the light fixtures are lined up along the same wire. With this method, the light fixture closest to the transformer will receive the largest amount of voltage, and the farthest one will receive the least.

Daisy chains illuminate light bulbs to various degrees and cause them to burn out way before their expected lifespan. Due to the inconsistent flow of voltage, bulbs will burn out at different times and lead to frequent repairs. Homeowners who aren’t familiar with good wiring practices should consult an electrician in Oakdale, CA for professional landscape lighting installations.

Stripped wires

Jackets are designed to protect wires, and should never be punctured or stripped. Too many homeowners skip the wire connectors altogether and stab light fixture wires directly into the main electrical current. Another haphazard wiring job occurs when homeowners strip the jackets, twist the light fixture and main wires around each other and then wrap it all with electrical tape.

Punctured jackets leave the wires susceptible to water damage, which causes the lights to short circuit. Wire connectors are the only safe way to link wires together because they have a waterproof outer casing. This creates a tight seal that prevents water from leaking into the circuit. In order for outdoor lights to last for decades, they require a professional landscape lighting installation. Your local electrician in Oakdale, CA will guarantee the installation is done right the first time around.

Water damage

Water can sneak into more than just the wiring system. In fact, the daisy chain mentioned earlier can lead to water damage inside the fixtures. Daisy chains cause light bulbs to burn out frequently, which means they’re not generating heat. Light fixtures that sit cold for a long time allow condensation to form on the bulb socket. If this problem isn’t treated right away, the socket will corrode and no longer function.

Luckily, there’s a quick way to protect light bulb sockets from corrosion. Pick up a dielectric compound solution from your local hardware store and apply it to the light fixtures. Dielectric compounds repel water and prevent condensation from corroding the sockets. However, this method won’t work on light fixtures that are already at risk for corrosion. The only way to prevent water damage is with proper wiring techniques.

Many homeowners crave the gorgeous look of outdoor lighting, but few have the tools and knowledge to get the job done right. That’s why the professionals at Wilkinson Electric Inc. are here to help. We’ve seen these common wiring issues over the years and know exactly how to fix them all. There’s no DIY disaster in Oakdale, CA we can’t address with a professional landscape lighting installation!

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