Warning Signs of Electrical Overloads

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Every year, thousands of house fires result in billions of dollars in damages. Of course, those stats only reflect the effects on structures and personal property, but these fires affect lives, jobs, health and more. Fortunately, the right maintenance and electrical repairs in Oakdale, CA can prevent these disasters.

How? Property owners should look for the following warning signs of electrical overloads. If you notice any of these red flags, take action immediately. In most cases, you should call a professional for electrical repairs in Oakdale, CA:

  • Flickers: Unless it’s Christmas and you have installed twinkling lights for the season, lights should not flicker. Watch for dimming or blinking in your fixtures. This indicates loose wiring or a faulty fixture. If it is not working properly, this lighting can create a fire hazard.
  • Discoloration: Take a look at your wall plates. Do you see any discoloration? If the plates are discolored or warm, this can be due to overloading. The plates may also have poor contacts. Ask a trained electrician to examine your plates for problems and perform any necessary electrical repairs in Oakdale, CA.
  • Odors: Do you detect a burning odor? If it’s coming from your switches or outlets, this could indicate a melting wire covering. Don’t delay—shut off power to this outlet and contact an expert to make electrical repairs in Oakdale, CA.
  • Trips: If you experience frequent breaker trips or blown fuses, these are significant warning signs that your system is overloaded. Unplug any non-essentials to prevent further trips, then ask an electrician to inspect and repair your system.
  • Crackling: Do your outlets sound like a freshly poured bowl of Rice Krispies cereal? Are they humming like a barbershop quartet? These noises should not be coming from your receptacles. If you hear them, take action. Contact a professional to make electrical repairs in Oakdale, CA.
  • Shock: If you receive a shock when using an appliance or a switch, this might not be due to dragging your feet across the carpet. Even a mild tingle from an electrical device can indicate that you are experiencing an electrical overload. Safely shut off the power to that device and ask a technician to examine the issue.

Property owners can take several precautions to avoid these episodes of electrical overload. Keep these tips in mind as you plug in and use your electrical devices.

  • Avoid the use of extension cords
  • Use a dedicated outlet for each heat-producing appliance
  • Always use appropriate wattages for light fixture bulbs
  • Use power strips for low-voltage items only

If you notice any of these warning signs of electrical overload, don’t hesitate to contact your local electrician to schedule electrical repairs in Oakdale, CA. At Wilkinson Electric Inc., we offer top-quality inspections and repairs for homes and businesses. Our family-owned company is known for prompt, quality work, specializing in commercial and residential wiring, lighting, heating and air conditioning connections, code violation repairs, fuse box and junction box repairs and installations, trenching, surge protectors and more. Contact our technicians today to keep your system in healthy operation and avoid disasters down the road.

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