Do You Have the Right Type of Lighting in Your Home?

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Your lighting can completely transform the atmosphere in your home, so it’s important to think about all of your different lighting options before you invest in lighting installation in Oakdale, CA. Depending on the size and configuration of your space, as well as your room’s features and your personal preferences, your lighting needs will vary. Understanding a little bit more about the different types of residential lighting and the lighting elements that are right for your space will help you illuminate your home to create your desired atmosphere:

  • Ambient lighting: Ambient lighting is designed to illuminate your room with a comfortable level of brightness and minimal glare. It gives you general lighting that you can build upon with other lighting sources to improve your visibility and overall atmosphere. Typical sources of ambient lighting include chandeliers, track or recessed lights, ceiling or wall mounted fixtures and table and floor lamps.
  • Task lighting: Task lighting provides you with the additional lighting you need to perform tasks with maximum visibility. Task lighting is especially common in rooms where you perform daily tasks that require peak visibility, like cooking, reading, writing and applying makeup. This type of lighting allows you to perform tasks with a greater level of accuracy while minimizing eyestrain. You can use vanity lights, track lights and pendant lights to create task lighting in your space.
  • Accent lighting: Accent lighting draws attention to the features of your home that you want to highlight. Whether it’s a unique architectural feature or a piece of artwork you’re displaying, using accent lighting gives you the opportunity to place the focus on your favorite things in your space. There is a variety of accent lighting options out there, including wall sconces, chandeliers with dimmer switches and recessed lighting.

Before you invest in lighting installation in Oakdale, CA, it’s a good idea to decide what combination of ambient lighting, task lighting and accent lighting you want in your space. Consider the size of your room, how it’s configured, what kind of atmosphere you want to achieve, how much natural light the room gets and what kinds of tasks and activities you use the room for. It’s helpful to get some lighting inspiration from photos online or in magazines so that you can identify the types of lighting fixtures that will be best for your space.

You can get some additional guidance with your light selection by working with a professional electrician who specializes in lighting. They will be able to recommend options that fit your preferences, style and budget.

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