Signs That Your Home May Need Rewiring or Other Electrical Repairs

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So, your home has been having frequent electrical problems that don’t seem to have any identifiable cause. You may keep putting off calling an electrician, but that isn’t making the problem go away. Over time, the wiring in a home will degrade. This is especially the case for homes built around the 1960s. This is because there was a copper shortage at the time, forcing contractors to use aluminum wiring instead.

No matter what the reason, you’ll need to call for electrical repairs in Oakdale, CA. You may even need to rewire the entire house, replacing all the faulty outlets, connections and switches. Let’s take a look at the top signs that your home may need a full rewiring or other electrical repairs:

  • Lights flicker: If the lights go dim, then surge back too bright on a regular basis, then you could have wiring issues. The same goes for faulty switches that no longer turn on lights. You’ll want to bring in a pro to take a look into the root cause of the problem.
  • Frequent shorts or breaker trips: If you have to pay regular visits to the fuse box, this isn’t a good sign. A breaker trip occurs when wires are overloaded with electrical output. This could be the result of bad wiring and needs to be looked at by a trained and licensed electrician.
  • Blocked outlets: Are you frequently having outlets that don’t function properly? If it’s difficult to plug into the outlets, then you may be having an electrical issue. Be careful—blocked outlets are liable to result in a surge, busting your electronics or injuring you. Best to call in the professionals and have them assess the situation.
  • Burning smell: Burn marks, scorch marks and any unusual odors are other telltale signs that the wiring needs to be redone. These can be anywhere, including inside the walls, but most often appear around outlets. This may be a sign that your house needs a complete rewiring.
  • Frayed wires: When the connection wears down, you’ll see wires that are beginning to fray. This is a result of the wires expanding and contracting repeatedly due to electrical currents. This will eventually produce sparks, which can be dangerous and lead to burn marks.

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