Top Five Reasons an Electrical Company Should Employ Apprentices

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People who seek out apprenticeships are interested in gaining new skills and learning from the best through on-the-job training. For electricians operating a business, offering apprenticeships gives them the chance to educate future electricians and to pass on the business and industry values they hold important.

What is an apprenticeship? It’s a program that trains workers to become skilled in their interested trade. Through an apprenticeship, which is considered full-time employment, a business owner can combine hands-on work experience with classroom learning to train their apprentice.

Here are the top five reasons an electrical company should employ apprentices to learn electrical repairs in Oakdale, CA:

  • To stand out: Today more than ever, consumers of products and services are more interested in doing business with and working for companies that are doing something good for society (aside from offering beneficial goods and services). You need to make an effort to stand out in your particular industry. For example, people look highly on a company that gives opportunities to young people and military veterans through apprenticeships and other programs.
  • To give back to the economy: By bringing on an apprentice, you are not only pushing back against unemployment, but helping to build a qualified future workforce. Giving back to the economy in this manner shows your community your dedication to social responsibility—another reason why consumers would rather do business with you over others.
  • To teach the skills of your trade: Apprenticeships are popular, as they give the apprentice the chance to become immersed in a business. As an active member of your team of electricians, they will take on your company’s way of working and thinking from the start. Since the employer (that’s you) is responsible for all the training, you have the opportunity to ensure the apprentice learns specific skills of the trade.
  • To motivate the team: While you are responsible for the apprentice’s training and learning, they will succeed better if others in your company offer their support as well. Mentoring someone can motivate your team. You would be surprised at how many employees in your company want to share their knowledge and experience with apprentices.
  • Cost-effective training: Before dismissing offering an apprenticeship at your company, look into what the government will offer as funding for each apprentice you take on. The type and amount of funding depends on your eligibility. This means you spend less time recruiting new team members. Furthermore, training apprentices can be more cost-effective than hiring fully skilled individuals, leading to lower training and recruitment costs. Apprentices can enhance productivity in the workplace, which is a huge advantage to any company.

So, what’s the takeaway? You should consider the benefits that an apprentice may offer your company before deciding against it. After all, highly skilled electricians are always needed to perform a variety of electrical repairs in Oakdale, CA.

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