The Buyer’s Guide to Recessed Lighting

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Recessed lighting is becoming an increasingly popular option for homeowners and business owners alike. It’s more visually pleasing because it takes up less visual space—in other words, it merely illuminates the room without getting in the way. By using the right trim to surround the light, you can also take advantage of wall washing, a lighting effect that makes the room appear larger. Unlike lamps, recessed lighting is less likely to be damaged because it isn’t at floor level with children, pets and other potential hazards.

Before you go ahead with recessed lighting installation in Oakdale, CA, you will want to consider a few things first. Considering all your options means you’ll be more likely to find the best fit for your space. Here’s a guide to making recessed lighting shine in your home or business.


This is the part fastened into the light’s housing that extends to the outer ring. There are numerous trim types available, depending on the style and function you’re looking for. Baffle trim is a common choice that uses a ribbed texture to minimize glare.

A reflector trim, meanwhile, utilizes mirrored surfaces to maximize illumination. An open trim leaves the bulb flush with the ceiling, allowing the bulb to light up the room without interference. Eyeball trim lets you direct the light to highlight one part of the room, such as a piece of art. It’s also useful for wall washing, if that’s an effect you desire.


This is where you can fit the lighting in with the rest of your home’s décor. You can choose a complementary finish for the outside edge of the lighting in numerous colors such as chrome, brushed nickel, bronze, white, black or silver. The choice is yours!


These are the physical light fixtures that sit above the ceiling, affixing the trim and light bulb together. New construction housings are most often used in new homes or rooms added onto a house. If you have an angled ceiling, then slope ceiling housing might be the best choice. If the lighting is going to come into contact with insulation, then you’ll want to choose insulation contact-rated housing.

Light bulbs

One nice perk of recessed lighting is that you can use colored light bulbs. This can really spruce up a room if you’re interested. Some recessed lighting fixtures use screw-in bulbs, while others use pin-based bulbs, so you’ll want to figure out which one you prefer. You’ll probably use halogen or LED bulbs, as these are energy-efficient options that will save you money.

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