Why You Should Hire a Licensed Electrician to Handle Circuit Breaker Replacement in Oakdale, CA

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Whether you plan on changing an electrical circuit in your home yourself or bringing in an electrician, you should have a basic understanding of the layout of your main panel and breaker. For instance, do you know where the power enters the sub panel, or what needs to be turned off before it is safe to disconnect or connect a circuit breaker? The professionals know the safety and fire concerns associated with changing live feeds—however, many homeowners are unaware.

With this in mind, let’s take a look at some of the reasons why you should consider hiring a licensed electrician to perform circuit breaker replacement in Oakdale, CA.

Why you might call an electrician to repair a breaker box

A circuit breaker that frequently trips is a big indicator of electrical repair needs, but there are other signs to look for as well. Call a licensed electrician for assistance if you come across circuit breakers that are hot to the touch, notice a burning smell coming from the electrical panel, hear the breaker making popping or hissing noises or find burnt metal or frayed wires.

Electrical safety and fire concerns

Never work on live wires. This is a mistake that many homeowners make when changing outlets or wiring a new addition. Before touching anything, you have to flip the proper breaker at the circuit box. If you don’t, you run the risk of electrical shock or causing electrical fires. The latter can result from the heat from blown fuses and flipped breakers due to an overloaded electrical circuit in your home.

In some cases, the simple fix to stop the breaker from cutting off electricity to a portion of your house is to unplug appliances that are placing extra strain on the breaker. If the problem is not obvious, call an electrician because there may be an issue with the circuit’s wiring.

The pros know the most common breaker repairs

Some electrical breaker repairs are as simple as replacing a blown fuse or as complex as overhauling your home’s circuit breaker system. Here are some of the most common types of breaker repairs that electricians respond to:

  • Overloaded circuit: You will experience repeated tripped circuit breakers when the system is overloaded. This is because the system can’t support the power demands of all the electrical items in your home, such as your HVAC system, large appliances, lighting and other power-hungry electrical devices and equipment.
  • Short circuit: This happens when electrical wires that are not supposed to meet cross each other, which can occur in the home’s wiring or in an electrical appliance or device that is connected to the outlet.
  • Loose connections: Having loose wires means the screws on the breaker are not screwed on tight enough. This can overload and trip the circuit breaker.

Schedule an appointment with an electrician from Wilkinson Electric Inc. to be sure your home’s or commercial building’s circuit breaker is properly wired. We can help you with breaker installation and circuit breaker replacement in Oakdale, CA!

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