Warning Signs That You Need a Professional for Servicing Your Circuit Breaker in Oakdale, CA

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If your home uses a circuit breaker to control its electrical system, you are at least technologically ahead of homes that are still using old fuse boxes. However, these panels still can have problems or experience failure as they age. At some point, there’s a chance you’ll have to install an entirely new unit.

If you decide it is time for you to replace your circuit box, this is a job you should absolutely not attempt to handle yourself unless you are a professional electrician. Only trained professionals should take on this job, as it involves a risk of high voltage shocks if done incorrectly. Even if you manage to safely get the circuit box installed without hurting yourself, poor wiring could lead to a poorly functioning circuit breaker or long-term fire hazards. It’s not worth the risk!

Our team of professional electricians in Oakdale is happy to come out to your place of residence to inspect your circuit breaker panel and determine if replacement is the best way to go. Here are a few examples of warning signs that you should give us a call for servicing your circuit breaker in Oakdale, CA:

  • You’ve been having problems with breakers being tripped: Frequently tripping circuit breakers are not necessarily a sign that your breaker panel has gone bad. There might be other electrical problems your home is experiencing, such as poor circuitry or power surges. However, frequent breaker tripping can, in some circumstances, be an indication that your panel is faulty and requires the services of a professional electrician. So if your breakers are constantly flipping off, you’ll at the very least need an electrician to come out and determine what the problem is, whether or not it’s a faulty circuit breaker panel.
  • You notice burning smells: If you notice unusual smells coming from the circuit breaker panel, or have noticed that breakers are hot to the touch or are slightly charred, then you must call for help immediately. This is an emergency—breakers should not be emitting bad smells or be displaying signs of burning. If you put off calling an electrician for too long, a fire could start in the breaker panel and spread throughout your home.
  • Breakers not staying reset: This problem goes beyond the first one listed above. If you reset a breaker but it doesn’t stay set for more than just a few minutes, this is much more likely to indicate the breaker panel itself needs to be replaced. In this case, you will need an electrician to come in to determine whether the panel itself is in fact faulty, and then proceed from there according to the electrician’s instructions and recommendations.

Remember: you should always call in a trained electrician to handle any electrical repairs in your home, because there is such a risk involved whenever you’re working with electricity. For more information about when you should seek a professional for servicing your circuit breaker in Oakdale, CA, contact Wilkinson Electric Inc. today.

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