The Importance of Hiring an Apprentice Electric Contractor in Oakdale, CA

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As the saying goes, give a man a fish, he’ll eat for a day; teach a man to fish, he’ll eat for a lifetime. This is a key principle to apply to any trade skill. Training the next generation is essential to pass along the ability to mature into a reliable electric contractor in Oakdale, CA.

Learning new electrical skills is obviously beneficial to the apprentice. However, employers might not realize an apprenticeship offers benefits to them as well. If you have the opportunity to hire an apprentice, consider these advantages.

Inexpensive Team Growth

Often, employees are among the biggest expenses a company has on the books. Bringing new talent on board can be costly. Proper training takes time and money. Salaries for experienced employees are often high and potentially out of budget range.

An apprentice offers the opportunity to grow your team with minimal cost. Someone who is learning the business receives lower pay as they reap the benefits of training. At the same time, they increase your business’ productivity and add growing talent to your team. It’s a win-win situation.

Simplified Hiring Process

Recruiting, scouting, hiring and training can be a complex, stressful and expensive process. Apprenticeships simplify your human resources procedures. By setting up an apprenticeship program, employers can receive assistance from training providers, including funding. Additionally, the program establishes a reliable channel through which potential employees are vetted, trained and equipped to fully enter the work force.

Specialized Work Force

When an electric contractor in Oakdale, CA hires an apprentice, they enjoy the opportunity to mold an employee to meet their company’s needs. You can tailor their training to match the skills capacity you require for your projects. When they complete their apprenticeship, the employee will be perfectly suited to strengthen your business. You will feel confident that your clients are receiving quality work because it is based on the training you provided.

Employee Flexibility

Have you ever sent a veteran electrician to change an outlet? Often, experienced employees’ skills are wasted on menial tasks. Having an apprentice frees up your existing workforce to do more complex projects. As the apprentice learns through simpler assignments, you save money and put your high-end talent where it performs best.

Team Revitalization

There’s something to be said about fresh talent. Bringing in new skills and energy can reinvigorate your team. Experienced employees keep their skills fresh by training others, and new ideas and techniques may be added by the apprentice. Your apprenticeship program provides a healthy cycle of learning and growth for your business.

Add Apprentices to Add Value

As an electric contractor in Oakdale, CA, Wilkinson Electric Inc. understands the advantages of apprentices. There are many ways to grow a business, but this offers an inside track with multiple benefits. If you would like more information about working as an apprentice, hiring an apprentice or what benefits apprenticeships offer, contact our team. We offer in-depth industry expertise to answer all your inquiries. Reach out to our staff today!

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