The Cost of Electrical Service Upgrades in Oakdale, CA

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These days, our homes are well stocked with all sorts of technology and electronics, like appliances, televisions and clocks. All of these electrical devices can place a pretty significant strain on your home’s wiring and electrical supply. Whether you frequently have to reset your breaker after tripping the circuit or you are struggling with a mess of extension cords and power strips in an attempt to distribute power effectively, you are probably trying to figure out the best way to handle your home’s power needs.

The most obvious solution is having your home’s wiring upgraded, but you might be concerned that this is too costly. In order to determine whether it is the right option for you, you should consider the real cost of electrical service upgrades in Oakdale, CA.

Electrical upgrade options and costs

In order to increase the amount of electricity that your home is able to receive, you will need to upgrade your electrical service panel. Homes were always designed to have an electrical panel that could accommodate 60 amps of power. At one time, this was all of the power that a typical household needed, but given all of the appliances and technologies found in the modern home, the power requirement for your home could be as much as 200 amps. In order to get these types of service upgrades in Oakdale, CA, you can expect to pay between $800 and $3,000.

Even after you pay to increase the amount of power that you get through your electrical panel, there is still work to be done. You may have to upgrade the electrical wiring in your home. The chance that you will have to have this work done increases if your home is more than four decades old. Because wiring is installed in your home’s walls, it can be a challenge to get to and it requires quite a bit of work to complete the job.

Considering all of the deconstruction, electrical work, connections and rebuilding that has to be done when you are having your house’s wiring upgraded, it should come as no surprise that this can be a pretty hefty expense. On the low end, a homeowner with wiring that is relatively easy to access might pay around $3,500. Homes that are larger or that have wiring that is especially difficult to access, however, could have a bill totaling over $20,000.

Contact the pros today

At Wilkinson Electric Inc., we know how important it is to have sufficient electrical power in your home, but we also understand that cost is a significant concern for many of our customers. That’s why we are happy to offer free estimates on electrical service upgrades in Oakdale, CA for our clients, so you know exactly what to expect before any work begins. We have been in business since 2007, and we continue to build a reputation among our commercial and residential clients for prompt service and quality workmanship. You can find out more by taking a look at our website, where you’ll find information about our services and testimonials from customers. Once you’ve had a chance to learn more about us, give our team a call and get started with our exceptional services!

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