Three Reasons Why You Should Always Call a Residential Electrician in Oakdale, CA for Electrical Work

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DIY projects are great, as their completion oftentimes comes with a sense of accomplishment and the opportunity to save a little money. Some projects are easier than others, though, and electrical work can be particularly confusing and sometimes even dangerous when attempted without the help of a residential electrician in Oakdale, CA. Here are three reasons why you should always hire a professional to tackle your electrical projects:

  • Stay up to code: There is an extensive list of electrical codes of compliance that apply to each region and state, and before you were to begin any work in your home, you would have to spend a lot of time familiarizing yourself with these guidelines. If the work that is completed isn’t in line with all of the applicable codes, it won’t pass inspection, which means that the work will have to be redone until it is passable. You can save yourself a lot time and extra work by simply calling a licensed electrician to handle all of your electrical issues.
  • Avoid causing yourself harm: In addition to being intensive, electrical projects can also be quite complicated and dangerous. One wrong move here or one misconnection there, and you could potentially cause yourself serious harm. One of the most common hazards that is always present when working with electricity is electrocution. When wires are exposed or connected incorrectly, the threat of electrocution is at its highest, even with the power shut off. In addition, some electrical work calls for maneuvering in dangerous positions, and if you are not careful, you could cause yourself serious bodily harm.
  • Prevent damage to your home: When you are working with electricity, the danger of a fire breaking out is ever present, as well. Again, one wrong decision could be the cause of a fire in your home, or at the very least could lead to sparks that damage nearby walls, furniture or appliances. If you attempt to fix something and the problem gets worse and your insurance company has to get involved, parts of your insurance coverage could be voided if it is deemed that someone who was unlicensed was performing electrical work in your home. A small DIY project could end up costing you way more money in the end if you have to replace items in your home and make repairs due to damage that could have been avoided.

While DIY projects are great, when it comes to electrical work, if you aren’t exactly sure of what you are doing, you could be left injured and with a bigger electrical problem than you started out with. All of these troubles can be avoided, though, by calling on the help of a residential electrician in Oakdale, CA. Here at Wilkinson Electric Inc., we are ready to take on your electrical projects of all sizes, and our licensed staff can be trusted to get the job done right for you so you don’t have to jeopardize your safety or your home. Give us a call today to set up an appointment.

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