Call for Electrical Troubleshooting in Oakdale, CA When You Experience These Five Signs

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Most electrical problems are beyond the basic repair skills of homeowners. Handling them incorrectly can result in fires or injury. When you need accurate electrical troubleshooting in Oakdale, CA, your best bet is to call an electrician. If you experience any of the following, you need to call Wilkinson Electric Inc. as soon as possible:

  • Frequent breaker trips: If you are literally in the dark just for running a hair dryer or an air conditioner, it is likely that your system cannot handle the number of appliances or electronics in your home. Constantly blown fuses often accompany these events, and you may notice flickering lights before everything shuts down. The common solution is to assign dedicated circuits to appliances or sections of your home with many electronics. This is especially true if circuit breakers trip frequently and you have a series of plug strips and multi-receptacles for your electronics. While adding new circuits, we can also add new outlets so your living environment is safer and less cluttered.
  • Original features: You may enjoy antique light fixtures and the original power outlets, but they are likely no longer safe by today’s standards. If you find your wires are cloth-covered or you come across rubber scraps while switching out outlet or switch covers, your electrical system has not been upgraded for a long time. Many people do not call electricians even when these fixtures act up because they do not want to lose the unique characteristics of their homes. However, fire hazards will also compromise your home, and there are many cases where we can update wires and circuit breakers while preserving original features. You are better asking and being safe than continuing along hoping nothing happens.
  • Warmth: Your outlets and switch plates should not exceed room temperatures. If they feel warm or even hot to the touch, you have issues that could end tragically. You may even notice discoloration or a burning smell. The longer you let this linger, the more dangerous it will become. Issues leading to this sign are best left to professionals and not ideal for a do-it-yourself effort.
  • Rust: If you find rust or condensation in your primary service panel, you need to call us soon. This indicates deterioration that may be affecting your entire electrical system. The sooner you address this issue, the less likely you will face more expensive problems later.
  • Code violation: When you receive a code violation notice, consider it a declaration that your home is dangerous. The good news, however, is that officials will give you time to correct it. This often arises from exposed electrics or dilapidated kitchens, where the combination of worn-out appliances and water exposure can turn deadly. To avoid further penalties, you must fix the issues listed in the notice and do so within a deadline. It is impossible to make everything right the first time unless you involve an experienced electrician.

For electrical troubleshooting in Oakdale, CA on commercial, rural and residential property, call Wilkinson Electric Inc. and have your issues repaired correctly the first time.

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