Installing Track Lighting: Tips for Better Commercial Lighting Installation in Oakdale, CA

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Track lighting is one of the most common types of lighting used in commercial locations. You might find as you browse through various providers that there are far more options for track lighting than you ever could have imagined. Fear not—our team has helped simplify the process for you to make your commercial lighting installation in Oakdale, CA go as smoothly as possible.

Choose your track

Before you can choose the actual lighting you are going to install, you must pick the track, which attaches to either the ceiling or wall and holds the light fixtures in place. Remember: not all lighting fixtures will fit into every track type, so this process takes a bit of planning.

By far the three most common brands of lighting tracks are Halo, Juno and Lightolier. If you already have lighting tracks installed in your business and are simply looking to replace the lighting fixtures, you should first look at your track to see what brand you have and what specific size or type it is. Chances are, it’s going to be one of these brands in a two-, three- or wide two-wire setup, though there are other potential track setups as well that you may have to deal with. Regardless, the most important thing is that you make sure the lights you choose are able to fit into the tracks you have or will have.

Laying out your system

Once you’ve determined where you will be installing your track lighting system, there are a number of different connectors and track lengths you can select from to help you create your ideal layout. The parts connect quite easily, so the actual installation is not too difficult—it’s determining the layout that can take some time.

One thing to consider during this process is that you are going to have to power your track lighting. You can do this either with extension cords running from the track to a standard outlet, or have a special power supply for the track attached to a junction box. If you select the junction box method, you will have to use a special connector to make sure you are safely powering the track. If there is no existing junction box in your ceiling, your electrician will need to install one for you. Using an extension cord is certainly easier, but probably will not look as clean.

Select your fixtures and lamps

Once the tracks have been chosen, laid out and installed, you can move on to selecting your lighting fixtures and lamps. We strongly recommend using energy-efficient fixtures and lamps to help save your business money in the long run. But again, the single biggest consideration you must keep in mind in this process is that any fixture you choose must be able to attach into your track.

A professional electrician can help you select your materials and get set up. For more information about commercial lighting installation in Oakdale, CA, contact us today at Wilkinson Electric Inc.

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