Five Common Electrical Repairs in Oakdale, CA

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You likely know you need electrical repairs when everything stops working or if an electrical fire breaks out in your home. But an electrician’s work is not limited to these emergency situations. There are small jobs around your house that are better performed by your local electrician. Here are five of these electrical repairs in Oakdale, CA that you can call us for anytime:

  • Bulb replacement: If your home has tall ceilings and complicated features, bringing in a professional is a prudent choice. Halogen bulbs save energy and burn out rarely, but they are also difficult to install—especially when you are keeping your balance on a ladder at the same time. Rather than take unneeded risks while breaking bulbs and wasting time, call us instead. It will make your life easier. Also, we can address outdoor bulbs in those hard-to-reach spots and repair any wiring deficiencies we see while we are there.
  • Ceiling fan repair: The air and temperature flow offered by ceiling fans makes many homeowners fall in love with them. Where the love stops is when it is time to repair ceiling fans or install a new one. Many websites consider this a DIY project, but that approach is a formula for frustration. Ceiling fans contain complicated electrical elements, and if they are not balanced correctly, they are noisy and inefficient. When we repair your ceiling fan, you have our experience working for you. Once finished, you will enjoy the benefits rather than stress about the shortcomings.
  • Landscape lighting: Adding outdoor lighting improves safety and security. It often involves putting lights in awkward spots and assuring your system offers the available amperage. If lights short out or burn out frequently, there are likely wiring problems that may be complex to fix. Stop spending excessive time wobbling on ladders and changing bulbs and let us make your landscape lighting work well. If you have a security system, we can make sure those connections are functioning and not interfering with power to the lights.
  • HVAC connections: If you are upgrading to a more powerful air conditioner, you want to be sure you have the amperage you need. We can test the load before the system is installed and avoid delays. If we find your system is not quite ready, we can install the necessary upgrades.
  • Address code violations: We are all guilty of taking shortcuts sometimes. Unfortunately, in electrical repair, this can result in code violations. Customers who tried to wire their own shop or garage often come across this issue and need us to help them. Also, there are instances where another electrician simply performed a poor job. There is a window to fix the violations and avoid the fine, but you need to act fast. We are available to come to the rescue, fix the shortcomings and keep you from incurring a fine.

Wilkinson Electric, Inc. offers electrical repairs in Oakdale, CA for homes and businesses. Call us today to help your electrical system work better!

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