Enhance Safety and Beauty by Installing Landscape Lighting in Oakdale, CA

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Installing landscape lighting in Oakdale, CA creates new dimensions in your yard and outdoor living space, but also makes these areas safer. As you create effects, you also highlight hazards so visitors can avoid them. Here are six spots where additional lighting is helpful:

  • Stairs: Lights on your front and back porches often seem sufficient. But they can still leave stairs in the dark. Visitors may know the stairs are there, but lighting may not be extensive enough to indicate the number of stairs and their depth. You can install small lights on each stair, or even run light ropes on the railings. Add motion lights at vantage points that best illuminate stairs. You do not want to disrupt that barbecue or pool party with a 911 call because someone fell down the stairs. Avoid injury and homeowner’s insurance claims with this improvement.
  • Garden paths: Pavers and stone features add an Old World feel to your yard. When you create that garden path and line it with statuary, make it all glow at night with strategic landscape lighting. Guests can use the pathway easier and avoid loose stones or uneven terrain. The extra benefit is the magical effect you will get from light against stone.
  • Water features: Like your pavers and statuary, your fountain or fishpond may seem limited to being daytime scenery. You can change this with the right lighting. Waterfalls and riverbeds take on an otherworldly appearance with a plain or colored light. Besides the cool light effects, this also helps with safety. It is often too easy to lose track of small children and risk them drowning in these water features. Adding lights makes it easier to avoid this danger.
  • Pools and hot tubs: Consider lighting pools and hot tubs for the same reason you would add lights to water features. You do not want guests accidentally walking into pools, and hot tubs are drowning hazards, too. However, you can also add light effects that make pools and hot tubs especially compelling. Choose different colors and turn them into their own water features. Light stairs leading to hot tubs and paths that go to pools to enhance safety. There are many reasons to keep these lighted, and you will enjoy the effects, too.
  • Door locks: Anyone who has struggled with a deadbolt will appreciate this idea. Fumbling for a keyhole after a late night out is never fun. Landscape lighting near doors solves this problem. Visitors can also see doorknobs easier, and it enhances your security by repelling intruders. If you or a family member needs to enter your home quickly, these lights help this happen.
  • Railings: Lights on staircase railings are very helpful. If you have a second-story porch, these can make a big difference in keeping the trip from porch to yard safe. You can also highlight porch railings so people are less likely to fall over them after having too many drinks. If your pool has railings near steps or ladders, light those as well so visitors can find that support when they need it.

If you are considering installing landscape lighting in Oakdale, CA, contact Wilkinson Electric, Inc. You will enjoy the additional illumination!

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