When Should You Hire an Electrician in Oakdale, CA?

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Are you planning an electrical project for your home and contemplating doing the work yourself, or asking a friend who enjoys doing home repairs? Electrical work can be extremely complex and often dangerous, so take the time to hire an electrician in Oakdale, CA to help ensure your project will be completed correctly—and safely.

Read on for details about which types of projects require an electrician:

  • Installations for new or remodeled homes: If you’re moving into a new home, you’ll want an expert you can trust to perform the proper wiring work throughout the space. Remodeling your existing property? Protect your investment and hire a professional electrician, who will make sure that any electrical repairs or installations are performed correctly. Additionally, if your home was built before the 1970s, make sure to have it updated with upgraded equipment that protects you and your family from fire and other safety risks and that meets federal and international standards that have since become required.
  • Repairs after weather damage: Did your home lose electricity after a storm or other weather event? A professional electrician can work quickly to restore power and will often make a point of doing so in an affordable manner to help you get your household back up and running after unexpected damage.
  • Swimming pool, Jacuzzi or sauna wiring installation: It can be dangerous for a non-professional to attempt to complete electrical work near a water source. A professional electrician will take the necessary care to complete the wiring installation for your swimming pool, Jacuzzi or sauna in a timely fashion, allowing you to enjoy this relaxing, fun addition to your home more quickly.
  • Circuit breaker upgrades: As you add more appliances to your home, you may find you need an upgraded circuit breaker to effectively power your appliances and to avoid the risks that can result from blown fuses or flickering lights. It’s crucial for an expert to handle this type of repair, and becomes even more essential if your home is older.
  • Installation of additional outlets or ports: When an outlet or port is added, the wall must be cut into and part of the wiring swapped out. This is a job that can easily go wrong for an amateur. Electricians have extensive experience performing this type of job and have the know-how to perform this task safely and correctly.
  • Repairs to light switches or outlets: Do any of your light switches or electrical outlets feel hot when you touch them? Have you observed sparks or smoke coming from any of your outlets? These types of repairs are best left to the experts, who have the professional experience to address them and who will be able to fix the problem more quickly than an amateur.

If any of the home improvement projects on your to-do list require an electrician in Oakdale, CA, Wilkinson Electric Inc. is your one-stop shop for all your electrical needs. We perform electrical repairs and installations and can also handle commercial and residential wiring, lighting, heating and air conditioning connections, code violation repairs, fuse box and junction box repairs and installations, trenching, surge protectors and more.

Contact us today for an appointment or for a free estimate. We look forward to assisting you!

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