Questions to Ask Your Electrician in Oakdale, CA Before Hiring

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Whenever you are looking to hire an electrician to do a job in your home, it’s important that you communicate your needs with them ahead of time and make sure they are actually capable of getting the job done. Beyond finding out about their credentials, there are a number of other important questions you will want to ask your electrician in Oakdale, CA before hiring them.

Here are a few of those questions:

  • What are your specialties? Your potential electrician might have experience in a wide variety of electrical jobs, but he or she might have particular specialties you should consider. For example, if electricians specialize in maintenance, repairs or emergency work, they might not necessarily be the best selection for a job that requires new installation or renovation, even if they have a basic level of experience in those jobs. You want to find an electrician that is the right fit for the job you have.
  • Who will be performing the work? Many contractors have other journeyman electricians who work under their license. These subcontractors might have the proper level of experience, but you want to be sure you’re not hiring an electrician with the mistaken belief that the electrician himself or herself will be doing the job. If subcontractors will be used, don’t be afraid to ask to see references before any work is done. You want to make sure the work is being performed by someone whom you can trust.
  • Will I need a permit for my job? Some types of electrical jobs might require a permit from your local building department. In some cases, however, the electrician might not necessarily know right away if you need to get a permit. It’s good to ask the electrician up front, but depending on the type of job you want to have done, you might also need to talk to a local building official to find out for yourself.
  • Is there any work you do not perform? In many cases, electricians work on jobs where it’s necessary to penetrate drywall, siding, brick or flooring. These areas often have to be repaired by a different contractor, or by the homeowner. You should get a full list of services the contractor will and will not perform, and a price breakdown of each of those services.
  • What are your fees? Again, it’s important to have a full price breakdown of all the services provided by the contractor. While you should never make your hiring decision solely on the basis of the fees they charge, these fees can be a big factor in your final decision if you are choosing between several contractors. Remember: you get what you pay for. While you aren’t expected to break the bank, you should also place a greater emphasis on quality than cost.

These are just a few questions you can ask your potential electrician in Oakdale, CA to ensure you get the most for your money. Contact Wilkinson Electric Inc. today for more information on the services we’re able to offer.

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