How to Choose an Electrician in Oakdale, CA

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Whenever you are looking to have electrical work done in your home, it is extremely important that you carefully research potential electricians before settling on one. You need to be completely sure that your electrician will perform the job safely and adequately, and that it will come at a reasonable price.

Here are a few things to consider when choosing an electrician in Oakdale, CA:

  • Insurance and license: The first and most important factor you should consider whenever you hire a contractor of any type (but especially an electrician) is making sure they are licensed. This license acts as your guarantee that the contractor has the training and skills necessarily to get the job done safely and correctly. If you ask the contractor to see their license, they should be willing to show it to you. Additionally, you should make sure the electrician has all of the necessary insurance policies and that they are not expired. This protects you in case some sort of accident happens in your home during the course of the job.
  • Value: You should get quotes from a variety of different electricians to get a good idea of the kind of value you might get out of their services. You should be extremely clear and detailed about what you require of the electrician, and the types of materials you want to use. Make sure the electrician provides you with a full quote that has a breakdown of all the prices, which will make it easier to compare quotes across different contractors.
  • Qualifications: In addition to license and insurance, you should check for a number of other qualifications. Your electrician should have experience in different areas of electrical work. Some might have accreditations in certain fields. If you work with a Master Electrician, for example, there is a guarantee that he or she has at least three years of experience and will provide a 12-month warranty on any work provided. Other organizations offer accreditation in terms of energy efficiency, which means the electrician would have significant knowledge of energy-saving products and sustainable technologies.
  • Reviews and testimonials: You should spend some time browsing reviews online at sites like Angie’s List and Google Reviews to see the types of experiences previous clients have had with contractors. Seek out recommendations from friends and family members, as well. These firsthand recommendations can be extremely helpful, as someone you know is always going to want to recommend a contractor that will do a great job.
  • Overall service and attitude: No one wants to deal with a contractor that has a bad attitude, provides lazy or poor service or displays poor workmanship. You can typically get a good idea of the kind of service you’ll receive even from your initial conversations with the contractor. Their willingness to help and answer questions will tell you a lot about the kind of service they will provide you.

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